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Exciting new retail display solution

Display Units - New for 2019

Gosh! Designs are providing a pre-filled Free Standing Display Unit (FSDU) offer to enhance in-store presence and sell-through of our top-selling range of Goshie Friends collectable beanie plush toys.

Designed to showcase both sizes of 16cm and 22 cm Goshie Friends, the units can be provided pre-filled and ready to sell or flat-packed.


We can offer a pre-filled solution or sell the stands flat-packed for you to create your own assortment. Each pre-filled display unit contains 62 mixed products across 2 key price points (42x 16cm Goshies and 20x 20cm Goshies) providing a clean and eye- catching retail solution.

440060 1300 x 620 x 275mm Goshie Friends FSDU, fully pre-packed with 62 piece plush Goshie Friends


STD057 Goshie Friends FSDU (Flat Packed)

FSDU Contents

62pcs as follows:-

16cm Goshie Friends x 42pcs
440037 (Elliot the Elephant) x 3pcs
440047 (Lionel the Lion) x 3pcs
440048 (Peggy the Pegasus) x 3pcs
440049 (Lola the Leopard) x 3pcs
440050 (Morgan the Monkey) x 3pcs
440053 (Tinker the Tiger) x 3pcs
440054 (Gina the Giraffe) x 2pcs
440055 (Chip the Cheetah) x 3pcs
440056 (Hunter the Husky) x 3pcs
440073 (Disco the Dog) x 3pcs
440074 (Patches the Panda) x 3pcs
440075 (Pugsy the Pug) x 3pcs
440076 (Tizzie the Tiger) x 3pcs
440077 (Pogo the Pig) x 2pcs
440078 (Unity the Unicorn) x 2pcs

22cm Goshie Friends x 20pcs
440038 (Lionel the Lion) x 2pcs
440039 (Peggy the Pegasus) x 2pcs
440040 (Lola the Leopard) x 2pcs
440041 (Morgan the Monkey) x 3pcs
440043 (Tinker the Tiger) x 2pcs
440044 (Gina the Giraffe) x 3pcs
440045 (Chip the Cheetah) x 2pcs
440046 (Elliot the Elephant) x 2pcs
440052 (Hunter the Husky) x 2pcs
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