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BUSTED - Elfie Fights the Fakes

PMS International, the UK company behind the very successful Elves Behavin’ Badly brand, is pleased to announce that it has successfully removed "knock off" copies of its Elf Doll from the market, and has recently had tens of thousands of counterfeit Elf Dolls delivered to its Essex based headquarters to be destroyed.

PMS became aware that inferior quality knock off copies of its Elfie Doll were being imported from China into the UK and distributed to retailers throughout the UK, infringing its Community Registered Designs. PMS International immediately engaged its in-house and external legal teams to send out cease and desist letters, and has been successful in removing all of the counterfeit items from the market and securing a significant sum in damages for the infringing activity.

PMS has invested heavily in the creation of Elves Behavin’ Badly and due to the creative effort that has gone into developing and growing this brand, has protected it with a portfolio of registered international designs and trademarks which it will always enforce.

PMS has a dedicated in-house team to manage its IP rights and also employs external IP lawyers, and trade mark and design attorneys to help maintain their IP strategy.

It also uses online monitoring and works closely with the Customs authorities to take advantage of the recordal process to swiftly detain and seize infringing goods at Ports of Entry.

Paul Beverley, MD of PMS said "This is the second UK seizure we have made this year. We have been made aware of other copies in Glasgow, Birmingham and London.  It is only a matter of time before our enquiry agents track these down. 

We will be relentless in recovering every piece of counterfeit stock and seeking maximum compensation and where our brand name or trademarks have been copied, we will also initiate criminal proceedings for handling counterfeit products".

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