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Collectable toy sales surge to continue into 2019

Posted on Jan 22nd 2019

High demand from 2018 set to continue

Collectable toys, including the likes of the LOL Surprise and Gosh! Designs own Surprize! Ballz products were rising in excess of 30% year on year to the end of 2018. With our own demand for certain ranges increasing far beyond the average, in fact monthly demand in the final quarter for some of these ranges was up as much as 160% compared to the rest of 2018.

The marketing behind this new generation of collectable toys has been primarily focussed on digital media, with the toys themselves garnering huge interest on social media platforms with “unboxing” style videos on YouTube leading much of the conversation.

This type of marketing, often encouraged and sponsored by the brands themselves, gives a fresh and honest appeal to the viewers allowing them to see genuine, honest and entertaining appraisals of the products. Just a quick search on google shows many videos garnering many hundreds of thousands of views posted within just the past few weeks.

This illustrates partly the changing way marketing for toys and trend lines has changed dramatically over the past few years, PMS believes this trend will continue with products such as Spinnerooz, a spin on 2017s fidget spinner products, with PMS expecting to see “spinner trick” videos appearing across YouTube in the coming months.

The future of the toy industry, while uncertain in the near term with Brexit, has shown strongly encouraging signs for the future in 2019 and beyond.

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